Hawaiian Lomi Massages

On-site massage available & prices vary


Lomi Massage Practitioner


I am so grateful and honored to share my passion for healing here in Michiana. My massage technique and experience is a blend of  Pacific Coast & Hawaiian.   I am certified, licensed and insured  with many years of massage and medical experience.

Lomi Massages

Lomi Relaxation


Gentle long, flowing, dance like strokes using forearms.  This is a highly relaxing and purifying massage that brings balance and harmony to center.

60min~95.00, 75min~120.00, 90min-135.00

Package Deal:  (4) 60min~350.00, (6) 60min~515.00

Onsite travel Massage is available & prices will vary


Lomi Deep Tissue


Relaxing of your nervous system with slow , deep  and long massage strokes to reach deeper layers of muscle. To relieve chronic muscle pain and aid in healing injuries. 

60min~100.00, 75min~125.00, 90min~150.00

Package Deal: (4) 60min~370.00, (6) 60min~550.00

Onsite travel Massage is available & prices will vary

Lomi Sports Massage


Prepares athletes for optimum performances by shortening down time with muscle soreness and fatigue. Includes deep stretch, deep muscle rub, range of motion, vibration and heat.

60min 100.00, 75min~125.00, 90min~150.00

Packages Deals: Four 60min~370.00, Six 60min~550.00

Onsite travel Massage is available & prices will vary

Manual Lymphatic Drainage


Highly recommended for Post procedures/surgeries 

  • Liposuction
  • Breast Augumentations/lifts
  • various cosmetic plastic surgeries
  • wide range of ailments and injuries

This is the movement of Lymph fluid around the body. Helping to remove waste and toxins. This massage benefits many conditions.  It shortens recovery time and decreases swelling that creates pain and discomfort. 

60min~100.00, 75min~125.00, 90min~150.00

Package Deals~ (4) 60min~370.00 or 

(6) 60min~550.00

Onsite Massage available & prices vary

Lomi Prenatal Massage


This is a special warm and soothing experience for both Mother and Baby.  The long medium pressure strokes with warm towels and oils reduce stress hormones and loosening tight muscles.  This is wonderfully beneficial and helpful for a healthy pregnancy.  Extremely reducing insomnia and joint, neck, and lower back pain.

60min~100.00, 75min~125.00, 90min~150.00

Package Deal:  (4) 60min~350.00, (6) 60min~550.00

Onsite Massage available & prices vary

2 Complimentary Enhancements ~


 Warm stones, Aroma Therapy, steam towels, muscle cream and vibrations are often paired with warm oil to soothe and relax muscle tension. This is a perfect combination shifting Body And Mind into harmony and balance.  

3.00 for each additional enhancement added to complimentary 

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